Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi everyone, I've taken a little bit of a sabbath from BaconJew lately, so my apologies for not bringing the latest bacon and Jewish news to you. A lot of new visitors here because of my friends at THIS IS WHY YOU'RE FAT putting up the BACONCADO story on their site, so welcome!

Something that just showed up in the mailbag was for BROOKLYN BREWERY'S new "bacon beer". Check out the story over at the GOTHAMIST...can't wait to make it over to Williamsburg to try it.


  1. Actually, the "bacon beer"
    a.) doesn't contain any bacon
    b.) tastes less like bacon and more like cold, fizzy liquid smoke flavoring.

    I've tasted a few Rauchbeers, and it's a very "meaty-smoke" flavor which could be called "bacon-like", but there's a lot of smoke as well.