Friday, February 6, 2009


I was lucky enough to join another 100+ bacon (and bourbon) lovers for the 2009 Bourbon & Bacon Expo at Astor Wines & Spirits yesterday. Over 14 types of bourbons, 6 types of bacon from Nuekes and D'Artagnan, cheese, beef sticks and more. Highlights included an ode to bacon delivered in poem form by Josh Ozersky from Citysearch, and meeting Don Lee from PDT who invented the Bacon Infused of the tastiest items of the night. Here are some iPhone photos to make you jealous...I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers have better quality ones, but these should whet your appetite.

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  1. It's completely unfair that you live in NYC and seek out 'exotic' bourbon and pork products and I can't escape either. I want to be amused by this blog, but I'm too bitter...